Breast Cancer Patients Safe for Pregnant

Some breast cancer patients are afraid to get pregnant, hormonal changes trigger for fear of cancer recurrence. But the study found that breast cancer patients is safe to get pregnant.

Researchers revealed women who suffer or have had breast cancer can safely have a baby without fear of the tumor will reappear. This broke the previous suggestions.

The study results presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-8) in Vienna, Austria discovered that there was no difference in survival rates of women with breast cancer and with non-pregnant women.

Dr. Hatem Azim, an oncologist from the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels, Germany analyzed 333 women who became pregnant after being diagnosed with breast cancer and compared with 874 women with the same cancer but not pregnant. Researchers followed up for nearly 5 years after pregnancy.

"Studies show no difference in survival period compared with women who are not pregnant. Well as patients who become pregnant within 2 years, it has a disease-free survival is better," said Dr Azim, as quoted by the Telegraph, Thursday (22 / 3/2012).

Dr Azim said that often when women had a history of breast cancer in pregnancy, some doctors recommend abortion for fear of having an adverse effect on the results already obtained.

"But we found that it was not true and the result is the same, regardless of whether the pregnancy is over or not. Abortion should not be promoted for therapeutic reasons in these patients," he said.

Dr Azim conclude the results of this study show conclusively that the pregnancy when the woman has a diagnosis of breast cancer is safe.

Meanwhile, Professor David Cameron of the University of Edinburgh, chairman of the conference said that this is an important study because it can provide confidence for women to conceive and raise children after cancer treatment.