Sagging breasts Can Make Back Pain

Female breast firmness may decrease with age and other factors. Sagging breasts of women who not only ruin the appearance, but also can cause shoulder and back pain.

Wearing a bra that does not support, poor posture and weak back muscles can lead to sagging breasts appear more and contribute to pain in the back.

In many cases, sagging breasts due to the use of a bra that is not effective. Fitting bra or no bra at all can cause pain in the upper back and shoulders. This happens because when the breasts are not supported, the weight tends to pull the shoulders forward, causing his back bent and the upper back and mid forced to become more tense.

According to a study at the University Hospital of Wales, pre-menopausal women who go without a bra for three months tended to have a bad back 7 percent more often than women who wear bras regularly effective, as reported by LIVESTRONG on Wednesday (14/09/2011).

Breast sagging is also exacerbated by poor posture. If you have good posture, spine stacked on top of each other and the shoulder blade (which connect the backbone to the base of the arm) involved and drawn together, so that a breast lift forward and up.

But if you have bad posture, especially in your upper back, not only makes the breast tends to decline, these conditions will also cause pain in the shoulder and upper back. This is because bending forward creates strain on the muscles that work along the spine.

Breasts will also appear lower if your back and chest are not strong enough to carry the weight of your breasts. Without a strong rhomboid muscles between the shoulder blades, the breast can cause muscle and bone pain.

Sports such as lifting weights can strengthen the muscles that support the chest and back. The strength training will help the muscles supporting the weight of the breasts and maintain the skeletal system remains good.