Toddlers Paralyzed Walk After Riding Horse Train

A little girl who was paralyzed and deaf can start running again after learning to ride a horse carriage. This fun activity not only enhances self-confidence, but also make it a four-year-old girl gathered the courage to learn to walk. The result, these children did it.

The little girl named Jessica Hyslop was diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy have been born four months premature. Due to his condition, weak stomach muscles and make this little girl is almost impossible to walk. Not only that, Jessica was also born deaf can not hear the alias.

But his mother, Angela, Jessica always invited to learn how to drive a horse carriage. Finally, the little girl who just turned 4 this year has the power to menapakkan first step.
"I must find a way so that Jessica could do things independently so it can wake up your confidence and self-esteem. I found a flyer that carriage driving horse might help. I take him there and he immediately liked the activity like a duck swimming in water, "said Angela Hyslop, 35 years from the Dumfries, UK as reported by the Daily Record, Thursday (22/03/2012).  

Angela saw there a huge difference in her abdominal area is amazing. Jessica is much stronger today. At first, Jessica abdominal muscles are really weak round. Jessica can not sit, roll over or crawl up on. Very different than other children.

Carriage driving horses also have caused miraculous changes to the rhythm of muscular coordination and so Jessica eliminate symptoms of cerebral palsy. The ability of the passage has improved so much. Now he was able to walk with faltering and no one else will see it differently.  

According to Angela, a hot-tempered horse draw carriage Jessica is the key to a cure. Horses that are named Dougal is actually a bit grumpy. But when with Jessica, Jessica let Dougal do anything. Dougal go anywhere as you wish without any fuss Jessica.  

Jessica lived therapeutic benefit is equivalent to the operation of selective dorsal rhizotomy at a cost of £ 24,000 or USD 350 million. Lately, many children in Britain are undergoing similar treatment at the Hospital of St. Louis, Missouri, United States.  

"Jessica can treat this far without surgery is a bonus. Repairing this condition is also partly because of Jessica. She's a very demanding, a little stubborn and now even more stubborn," says Angela.  

Jessica is now driving a chariot accompanied by a trainer once a week Amanda Saville at his side. Jessica and the coach had a distance of 300 miles from the stables in the Lockerbie Chariots of Fire to Birmingham in October last  

"Jessica has got to the stage where he has managed to improve his condition. It is amazing to see the horse-drawn carriage driving can strengthen the body," says Angela.