Spontaneous or Scheduled Sex Is better?

For couples who are too busy, too have sex sometimes do not have time so that there is a specific schedule. But how well is scheduled to have sex? Really good sex is made spontaneous?

"Making a standard solution which is mostly done by a couple of busy since the beginning until now. Some people reject this idea. Reason, sex is supposed to do with the spontaneous and should not be scheduled. 

Indeed, this assumption is true. Schedule of sex will make this activity like eating , work, and sleep the monotony, "says Paul Joannides research psychoanalyst and author of 'Guide to Getting It On'.

In fact, scheduling sex is not unusual anymore. Couples who are trying to have children according to schedule sex ovulation cycle the most likely occurrence of pregnancy. Couples who take long-distance relationships are also usually plan sex during the time they can meet.

According to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the average adult to have sex about 61 times per year. Of the respondents who were sexually active, a poll from Consumer Reports reported that 45% of couples planning a time to have sex.

Something that is considered ideal romantic place with a spontaneous way. In fact, couples wait for spontaneity alone will realize it is difficult to find time in which both partners are equally willing and ready. Hence, scheduling for time with the couple began to be very important to maintain the relationship.

"At the beginning of a relationship, most people feel that being together is a priority and spontaneous sex. But when people start to realize the loss of intimacy, scheduling and prioritizing can revitalize the sexual relationship," said Dr. Eli Coleman, professor and director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School as reported by ABC News.com, Friday (23/03/2012).

Jamye Waxman, Playgirl magazine columnist, believes that making a promise to love can be a part of foreplay. By scheduling sex, there will be an opportunity to plan a more intimate sexual relationship and quality.

The experts stressed that it is important to distinguish between sex that occurs spontaneously with spontaneity during sex. Should not be too much with the scheduling demands of sex, but give it time for spontaneity can occur.

The reason, as much as any efforts to compromise the couple and create a schedule, have sex when one partner is not in the mood can cause serious problems. Forced sexual intercourse with a psychologically unhealthy and cause pressure.