Sigh Mystery Woman At Sex

Is it true that when females produce sounds or sigh for in relation to sexual mark has achieved orgasm? University of Central Lancashire, England, doing research on 71 women in connection with the matter.

Research results indicate that sigh, moan, or cry when having sex does not necessarily prove that they achieve orgasm.

Many people think that women's voices breath when love is proof that they feel a sensation of incredible sexual pleasure. But it's not always true. It is possible that they just want to immediately end the sexual relationship.

"Sometimes women manipulate the behavior of their partners for their own interests," says Doctor Ohn Grohol, one of the researchers. He added that many women make the voice for having sex just to help their partners reach orgasm.

Other research shows that the naughty girls sigh, cry, and complain when having sex can help people to achieve orgasm more quickly.