Cigarettes on display Can Persuade Children to Smoke

Some stores occasionally displaying packets of cigarettes in front of the display. It turns out this display of cigarettes could persuade children to buy and smoke at a young age.

A study found that cigarette display or display in stores can lure children and adolescents to start smoking. This condition is of course affect his health, because children and adolescents still Dalma stage of growth and development.

Studies conducted Stirling University found 27 percent of 950 children who were involved vulnerable to become smokers if they see any dipanjang cigarettes in stores. These results have been reported in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, as quoted from, Saturday (09/10/2011).

The researchers said that about 80 percent of children aged 11-16 years are prone to be smokers, should therefore be made
​​clear rules and strong to avoid a number of young smokers.

Children who smoke at risk for a variety of negative impacts on health and higher risk of developing some of the following conditions:
1. Develop respiratory problems like asthma and cough
2. Have difficulty in performing an athletic activity because of impaired lung capacity
3. Having yellow teeth and bad breath
4. Tend to be susceptible to use drugs like marijuana, alcohol and cocaine
5. Being addicted to tobacco and will find it very difficult to stop.

Generally there are some specific reasons that make children or teenagers start smoking as to make it look cool, so as not to be abandoned by his friends, to feel grown up and free. If the cigarettes are on display for children to access it will get easier.

For that parents must help build a strong foundation for children not to try smoking, the adverse effects to tell what will be acquired if the smoke, to teach healthy lifestyles and create strict rules for cigarettes, especially in children and adolescents.