Egg Good for the Heart

Eating eggs as many as six points a week is recommended by experts in the United States. Because the intake of eggs contain that can make your heart healthier. This opinion is delivered health expert Don McNamara, recently.

According to McNamara, eggs contain low in saturated fat and consists of several important compounds, such as choline is considered good for metabolism and fetal brain development during pregnancy. Eggs also contain lutein, which is known to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration (a type of eye disease). And contains high protein and vitamin C.

McNamara added that eating eggs at breakfast to make the stomach feel full longer. And reduce the risk of overeating at lunch. Cholesterol contained in eggs had no effect in the blood. Thus, cholesterol in the diet did not enter into our blood. The patients with heart disease need not worry because the consumption of eggs does not make cholesterol levels rise.