It's that Make Women More Invulnerability of Heart Disease

During this heart disease synonymous with men and rarely experienced by women. Now the researchers managed to find reasons that make women more immune to heart disease. What is it?

Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London revealed that the sex hormone estrogen may help protect women from heart disease by keeping the immune system.

Sex hormone estrogen in women will work in the white blood cells to prevent the plaques attached to the blood vessels, thus avoiding a dangerous blockage.

This new study shows that women have the protein annexin-A1 are higher on the surface of white blood cells. These proteins are highly related and estrogen levels during the menstrual cycle.

Estrogen helps move a annexin-A1 from the surface into the white blood cells thereby preventing the plaque against the wall of blood vessels that can cause damage to the vascular (blood vessel).

"From the beginning we've known that estrogen can protect pre-menopausal women from heart disease, and these results memjadi protection clue how it happened," said Dr. Suchita Nadkarni of the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary, University of London, as quoted from ScienceDaily Saturday (09/10/2011).

Estrogen helps maintain a balance between fighting the infection and protect arteries from damage that leads to cardiovascular disease. The results of this study help explain why cardiovascular disease tended to be higher in males than in females.

"In addition, understanding how the body against heart disease naturally become very important to develop new treatments," said Dr. Nadkarni.

Even so every woman should still maintain healthy lifestyles, because when she entered menopause the risk of heart disease equal to men due to sudha declining levels of estrogen in the body.