"White Lies" Making Children's Coward

Parents are sometimes forced to lie with the reasons for the good of the child. But this white lie that parents should be avoided because it can make a child so fearful.

It is delivered Rusdiah Agustina, consultant child and family psychology in Gorontalo, on Monday (22 / 8).

He explained, the so-called white lie is an act of petty lying, which sometimes forced to be parents in certain situations. "For example, when the child refused to eat. Then the parents scare him off with a doctor or police," he said giving an example.

White lies are also often occurs when parents are forced to teach their children to lie, such as asking guests coming he said, that the father or mother was not home.

According to women who often fill the psychology consultation program in a number of local radio stations, the white lies directly teach the child for lying, cowardly, and becomes incoherent.

If he constantly feared a certain figure, such as the police with his pistol, a doctor with a needle, or even the devil, the baby likely to grow into a figure that timid and insecure, he said.

Related to this, he urged parents to tell the real reason with simple language, if it prohibits or ask something to the child.

If you ask kids to stop playing in the afternoon, he said, explain to him that now it's time resting and cleaning the body, in order to sleep at night nyeyak and to avoid disease.