10 The Right Care for Newborn

The atmosphere of the house so warm with the cry of a newborn. Learn 10 ways to properly care for your new baby into the world's happiest baby!

1. Eat More, Eat More. 
In the first months, hunger is a major cause of infant crying. Therefore, offering baby food is the most effective way to stop crying, even if it means you have to breastfeed your baby as often as possible; morning, afternoon, evening and night. Why do babies eat again eat again? This is because, hunger is a new sensation for him. In the womb the baby's mother used to receiving food intake constant from the placenta, so never feel hungry.

When born into the world, the baby's digestive system is not used to digesting food in bulk, then "empty" for some time. To help your baby adapt to these differences, in the first few weeks you should not eat babies menjadual hour. Feed him as often as possible. Infant feeding schedule will be formed at the age of approximately five weeks.

2. Time to Toilet! 
CHAPTER peed and the new baby is also not yet know the schedule. But the frequent urination is a good thing, a sign of well-fed baby. Do not delay changing the baby, that baby is not crying because of wet and uncomfortable. Observe also the urine and feces because they can be a means of measuring the condition of infants, for example, urine is too yellow indicates the baby is less liquid. Faeces of babies are breastfed exclusively softer and less smelly. After the baby pee, or bowel movement, immediately clean the genitals. Sprinkle with the buttocks and groin to avoid diaper rash cream.

3. Baby Dress Code.
I wonder, newborns should dibedong all day? What exactly should dress in layers and always wear a blanket? Ayahbunda, tropical climate in our country do not really fit the style of baby clothes dibuntel-wrapping. When the hot air and the baby are in non-conditioned room, try to check the back of the baby's neck, if it was hot and humid, it means he's swelter. If so, get rid of his bed and change her clothes with a lighter. Make sure the baby clothes made of natural materials, like 100% cotton, which absorbs sweat, easily washed and ironed. Guide to travel another dress. Wear a coat or a cardigan, socks, shoes and hat on the baby to prevent him from catching cold.

4. Baby Cosmetics. 
Cosmetics baby many kinds, there are baby bath, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby cologne and hair lotions. Actually, not all babies need, so be wise in choosing. Whatever the brand, use a product that has been clinically tested or Clinical Proven Mild (CMP). If the baby reacts negatively when applied certain cosmetics, such as red patches occur in the skin, then chances are he is allergic to cosmetics such content. Stop using.

Switch on baby cosmetics chemical-free (green products). Still associated with minimizing the contiguity baby with chemicals, also avoid using fragrances or fabric softener products. The chemicals in it too "strong" and can irritate baby's skin.

5. Baby hated activities. Most babies do not like to show off-to-wear clothes, bathing, shampooing, given eye drops and nose drops nose. He could run amok! The solution, do this activity quickly, but remain cautious. Divert attention to a baby with him talking, giving hugs and kisses.

6. Comfortable environment.
It is important to create a comfortable environment for your baby. Keep baby's environment is not too crowded or noisy, too cold (less than 20 degrees Celsius) or too hot (over 31 degrees Celsius). Babies can also be fussy because of glare, so make sure the lights or the sun does not fall right into his eyes. Comfortable environment also means free mosquito and insect bites. You can do fogging in the house a few days before the baby comes. Not recommended to use insecticides in the nursery because of the poison could stick on baby items. Just use a mosquito net.

7. Baby toys. 
The function of toys is not only entertaining but also introduces baby to the various forms and train the eye muscles to be more focused. For that, choose toys with bright colors. Toys chugging (musical mobile) hanging on the bed will stimulate baby's senses of sight and hearing. Teddy bears are soft pleasant baby when she felt it. Rattle, a handheld toy that says if shaken, as well as entertain and train the infant senses. But not always be expensive toys, you know. Babies are also very amused to see her reflection in the mirror, the shadow on the wall and drops of rain. And, of course, nothing is more exciting than the baby when he played with his father and mother.

8. Sleep Ritual. Total sleep time a new baby is 16 hours a day, with a restless night's sleep, interrupted several times to wake up. After the age of 5 weeks, then the baby has a sleep pattern remains, namely to bed early at night and wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. Rituals can help your baby to sleep faster and sleep quality. Stages, bathe the baby with warm water that had spilled baby bath, baby massage with baby oil or lotion, then create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. You can read stories, sing nursery infant sleep or anoint it with baby powder. Use a soothing scent of baby products, but safe and clinically tested or Clinically Proven Mild (CMP).

9. Recognize Newborn Disease.
Colic, diaper rash, nasal congestion, eye infections, tongue moldy and post-immunization fever is a disease subscription of new babies. When experienced, the baby will fuss with an unusual cry. Quickly find out and overcome. If Little diaper rash, clean the diaper open, and let him without a diaper - diangin-wind - temporarily. Nasal congestion, eye infections, fever after immunization and mildew can be anticipated with the tongue prescription from a doctor. While colic is generally not curable, can be overcome by making the baby comfortable, rocked, fed, or rubbed his belly rubbed.

10. People Around Baby.
Babies are adorable, but, treat him appropriately. If too many people who picked her up and asked jokingly, if little changed her clothes, a little fed, or if Father and Mother of overreacting to his cries, the baby can be stressful too. In addition, a subtle sense of making babies can "catch" moods mother as the person closest. When a bad mood due to maternal exhaustion for example, babies know and she went along with fussy. So, keep your mood around your baby. If you need a break, leave the baby on the other caregivers in the home.