The eyes are light sensors that detect body. The sections on the organ the eye, working together to deliver the light from the source to the brain to be digested by the nervous system. 

Although a person susceptible to interference, eye actually very safe and protected. Eyes are located in the basin on the skull. Eyelid protects the eye on the front. Eyelashes catch a lot of particles, which can enter the eye. Secaraotomatis, winking eye on average every 6 seconds, so that the dirt in the eyes washed by tears. As further protection, the eyelid automatically closes when there are objects coming toward the eye.

Cataracts, as the disease attacks the eyes of many people over the age of 65 years with the visible symptoms of foggy vision, glare, when viewed with the aid of light on the pupil will look cloudy. Eye disorders are common in Indonesia is caused by many factors, among others, due to regenerative or age, disruption of metabolism of the body due to prolonged illness, congenital or even poisoning. Although it is still treatable, but cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world.

At the beginning of the attack, cataract patients felt itching in the eyes, tears easily come out, disturbed vision at night, and could not resist the glare of sunlight or lamplight. Furthermore, the patient will see the film like a cloud in front of his eyesight. The cloud that covers the lens of the eye is finally getting closer and cover all parts of the eye. When you have reached this stage, the patient will lose his eyesight.

Cataracts were divided memjadi several types:
Senile Cataract (aging), the cataract that arise after age 40, the process is not known, allegedly due to aging.

Congenital cataracts, the cataract that arise in the womb or arise after birth, usually due to infection, and metabolic abnormalities at the time of formation of the fetus. Congenital cataracts are often caused by maternal infection during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Cataract Traumatika, namely cataracts that can strike all ages, usually because of post both sharp and blunt trauma to the eye, especially on the lens.

Cataract Complicated, is arising post-cataract eye infections. Cataracts develop slowly, but the potential to blindness if not treated immediately. Patients are not aware of the symptoms of cataract problems, because the process is taking place gradually until we feel the power of vision after cataract influence is growing around 3-5 years. Therefore, patients are usually realized after entering a critical stage. The only treatment is through surgery, the cloudy lens collection.

Replacement lenses there are two ways:
1. Patients after surgery were positive eyeglasses or contact lenses for approximately 10 diopters. 

2. Patients with a lens mounted at the same time conducted operations planting, the advantage is a patient after surgery the patient can immediately see the obvious, do not need to wear very thick glasses, the patient remained wide field of vision and light distortion can be eliminated.