Scientific discovery is Considered No Sense

Various studies are often conducted to increase one's knowledge about something. But apparently some of the studies considered stupid and unreasonable. Any study that?

Funny study can indeed attract many people and make others amazed. But sometimes the studies carried out as simply a waste of time and money.

The following studies are considered foolish and futile, as quoted from, Friday (9/9/2011), namely:

Study: Interacting with women make men stupid
Researchers from the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands found that men tend to have difficulty performing cognitive tasks after socializing with someone of the opposite sex. The results of this study is considered stupid because they do not have strong evidence.

Study: Users twitter has a relationship with a partner who is shorter
Surveys conducted by the website OkCupid find twitter users every day tend to have a short period of relationship. It is considered stupid because there is no evidence to suggest twitter cause short circuit or not. If blame social media, then few people will have a long term relationship.

Study: Men exciting to have long fingers
Researchers from the University of Geneva, Switzerland to find the length of the ring finger of a man related to the appeal of her face. It is considered stupid because not always people who have long fingers had a face attractive, there are many factors that can make a man attractive.

Study: Women can be pretty dangerous to human health
Researchers from the University of Valencia in Spain found people who had contact with beautiful women can increase stress hormones to a dangerous level. The study involved several men who asked to do the sudoku in the presence of beautiful women and increased stress levels.

It is considered stupid because anyone who feels supervised would be much harder to do something, and pretty women do not make a person's heart out or there is another fact that is more dangerous.

Study: Divorce affects children's math scores
The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin found children with divorced parents tend to fall behind in mathematics and interpersonal tests.

This bet is stupid because not all errors caused by divorce, because there are many factors that are even more disturbing lessons such as watching television and playing video games.

Study: Women more likely to experience boredom married than single women
Psychologists from Stony Brook University studying couples in long-term relationships and found the existence of boredom after married for 7 years. It is considered stupid because it does not need to have a team of researchers to know the facts, because how a person does not get bored if you have to sleep with the same person forever.

Study: Beautiful women tend to marry ugly men
The study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that women marry less attractive men tend to be happier in her marriage. It is considered stupid because no one can predict who have fallen in love with whom.

Study: The liquid cement can reduce depression
A 2002 study found a fairly controversial because women who have sex without condoms tend to be happier. It is considered stupid because most sex that makes you feel happier and not the liquid cement dihasikan by men.