Oops! Stress Can Trigger Obesity

Stress or depression in addition can cause an illness was also indirectly can make the body fat. Really?

A study has found a gene that makes the body as "hunger" that continues to consume sweet foods and fatty foods and make more fat when you're stressed.

Appetite enhancer gene is also associated with type 2 diabetes, a disease that usually affects middle-aged they are up and obesity.

Hopefully one day, this discovery could lead to the discovery of diabetes drugs and weight loss. But nevertheless, true that the body can relax or relaxed suppress the gene for no more makes you "bigger".

As reported by dailymail, Another study conducted by Dr. Alon Chen's attempt to find the cause of someone easily reach biscuit tins, alias snacking, when depressed, stress at home or at work pressure began to rise.

Studies conducted in mice is focused on genes that secrete proteins Ucn3 times of stress. Proteins produced in the brain affects the entire body, including liver, heart, muscle and pancreas.

This protein also increases appetite and influence how full we feel like when your body uses insulin, a hormone important in the process of converting sugar into energy.

Based on studies that reported the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mice that produce Ucn3 more than is usually the first to show symptoms of diabetes.

This protein also seems to encourage a taste for sweet and fatty foods, providing extra fuel for the body and brain when under heavy stress. And when the system is constantly activated, aka the stress every day, your body will become fat and sick.

"Stress is the body needed to add extra energy when you are in a state of emergency. Altered metabolism makes the body needs sugar or glucose to make the muscles to stay awake and out of trouble, "," added Dr. Chen from the Weizmann Institute, Israel.

But the stress response system needs tighter regulation. The gene is needed the right time and if it does not work perfectly, even cause psychological problems and metabolic instability.