Broken Heart Lost Children, Parents Can Die

A British study says parents who lost their newborns face higher risk of dying sooner. This research was conducted by looking at a random sample of national mortality registration during 1971 to 2006.

They compared the mortality among the parents who have lost their babies in the first year of life the child, or children have been born in a state without a soul, with the death of a parent that their baby had lived past the first year of birth.

Parents who are grieving, two and four times more likely to die early or become widowed in the first 10 years of their child's death compared with non-bereaved peers. This threat is especially true of mothers.

In England and Wales, the mothers who lost babies four times more likely to die earlier, their babies and mothers who died in Scotland six times more likely to die prematurely, compared with women whose children survive until their first year after their birth.

Risks faced by women decreased over time, but the threat remains high - 50 percent higher - after 25 years.

After 35 years, the number is 20 percent higher. The study, led by Mairi Harper of the University of Yoek in northern England, published in the BMJ specialist journal Supportive and Palliative Care.

The reason for these deaths is not clear because the data did not give details, so the study on Thursday (8 / 9).

The study authors speculate that there may be a link with alcohol abuse among parents who lost children, and suicide, too, may be a factor.

In addition, infants born in a state of dying and death in infants may be more common among parents who also have bad health.