Causes of Breast distention Suddenly

Having large breasts is often a dream for many women. But what happens when the breasts swell suddenly. There are several medical reasons that cause enlarged breasts suddenly. What?

Suddenly enlarged breasts are more common in women, although men also can experience it. Sometimes, a sudden enlargement is only due to the rapid growth of breast tissue. However, this condition can also be caused due to medical problems that require special attention.

Understanding the causes of breast growth that will suddenly enable you to take appropriate steps. Here are some conditions that can make the breasts swell suddenly, as reported by LIVESTRONG on Monday (09/05/2011):

1. Gestation
Pregnancy is one of the reasons for the sudden breast growth. Breasts can grow to a size 1 cup (bra) full during the first few weeks and up to three cups during pregnancy.

Breasts will return to normal size after pregnancy and after baby is weaned. However, sometimes the breasts will remain larger than the size before pregnancy.

2. Breast cancer
Inflammatory breast cancer (inflammatory breast cancer) is also one of the reasons you should consult with your doctor if breast size increases suddenly.

When there is cancer, the breast can become inflamed and cause abnormal growth. Breast cancer symptoms may include swelling, tenderness and redness. This can occur in men and women, in one breast or both.

3. Puberty
Puberty is a very basic reason for the sudden breast growth. According to the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the general age for puberty in girls is 11 years old and a boy estimated 12 years.

From age 11 to 16 years, girls might see a sudden growth in the breast. Puberty in girls can cause breasts to grow full-size or more within a very short time. Sometimes, one breast will grow faster than others.

4. Gynecomastia
Gynecomastia is swelling of breasts in men and has been associated with an imbalance of sex hormones. When this condition occurs in males upon entering puberty, it often goes away by itself when hormone levels return to normal.

But if this condition is emerging as an adult, then it likely will persist. In older men, testosterone is produced fewer that can cause weight gain. It is sometimes also due to the growth of glandular tissue and fat tissue under the breast. Fat tissue produces some estrogen, which in turn causes the breasts to grow bigger.