Activation of the midbrain does not automatically make children smarter

Central Brain Activation (CBA) emerging discussed, the mass media coverage, and a trend in the upper middle class - it's because the cost of following the CBA is not exactly cheap. The core of the CBA is to activate the midbrain so that the right brain (emotional, EQ) and the left brain (IQ, intellectual) can be fully developed.

Yes, that soon after joining CBA, the child will have a greater ability and one of the immediate results can be seen is the ability to read with your eyes closed. But of course that's not its primary purpose. What we expect is a child who has a high concentration, good memory, creative and all the positive things that support its development into an intelligent child emotionally and intellectually. All the positive results that were promised or that we expect, does not necessarily come automatically after joining AOL. Still needed guidance to continue to train intensively acquired skills after CBA.

Many pros and cons of growing CBA unnecessary concern us. We should focus on the common perception that the good is not genius but a balance between emotional intelligence (EQ) and Intellectual (IQ) so comes kecedasan spiritual (SQ) which is also good.

So, if we are unable or unwilling to engage our children in the CBA program, at least we train so that the left brain and right brain equally well children develop and become balanced. Exercises that we already know is is:

1. The right hand patting his head, left hand doing the twist on her stomach. Do it in 8 counts, then do the opposite.

2. Clench your right hand and do the like to pound on the right thigh, while his left hand to stroke the left thigh. Do it in 8 counts, then do the opposite.

Several other brain gymnastics:

1. Cross Movement
Method: Legs and arms moved in the opposite. Able to the front, side or rear. To be more cheerful you can sync with the rhythm of music.
Benefits: Stimulates the brain that receives information and disclose the information, thus facilitating the process of learning new things and improve memory.

2. Pelvic rocking
Method: Sit on the floor. Position hands behind, menumpi to the floor with elbows bend. Raise your legs slightly and then olengkan hips to the left and right to relax.
Benefits: Enables the brain for learning ability, look from left to right, the ability to observe and understand.

3. Fillers Energy
Method: Sit comfortably in a chair, both forearm and forehead placed on the table. The hand was placed in front of the shoulders with fingers facing slightly inward. When breathing felt a breath flowing to the center line of energy such as showers, raised forehead, neck and upper back last. Diaphragm and the chest open and shoulders remain relaxed.
Benefits: Restores vitality of the brain after an exhausting series of activities, eliminate stress, improve concentration and attention and improve the ability to understand and think rationally.

4. Yawning Energy
How to: Open your mouth as if to yawn and then massage the muscles around the jaw joints. Then relax the muscle.
Benefits: Enables the brain to increase oxygen to the brain to function efficiently and relax, improve attention and visibility, improve oral communication and expressive as well as improve the ability to sort information.

5. Gravity glide
Method: Sit on the curation and cross times. Bow your body with the arms can both down. Exhale when down and take a breath when riding. Do this by changing the position of the foot.
Benefits: Enables the brain for sense of balance and coordination, improve the ability to organize and boost energy.

6. Balance button
Method: Touch 2 fingers behind her ear, in a curve behind the ear while his other hand touched the belly button for about 30 seconds. Lalukan interchangeably. During the movement's chin and head in a relaxed normal position facing forward.
Benefits: Enables the brain for preparedness and concentrate, make decisions, concentrate and associative thinking