Quick Throw Bad Cholesterol

People who have bad cholesterol (LDL) is high is usually recommended to reduce the food or animal fats. But if you want a faster decline, then it must be followed diligently eating cholesterol-lowering diet.

In the United States, someone who consume lots of meat and fat will be identical with a large waist circumference.
Tips are often recommended is to minimize animal fats or solid fat at room temperature. Fat is a source of LDL cholesterol.

But studies conducted by Dr. David Jenkins from Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada found with a diet low in fat, cholesterol-lowering diet plus rajinmengkonsumsi results can be more discard the bad cholesterol.

He recommends eating fruits and vegetables such as eggplant, apples, grapes, strawberries, grains, nuts, olive oil and soy products go eat when on a diet low in fat.

"Some kinds of vegetables such as eggplant has a somewhat sticky nature, so it can bind and remove cholesterol from the body's bad," said Dr. Jenkins, as reported from VOANews, Monday (05/09/2011).

Jenkins has proven cholesterol levels can be decreased by following a low fat diet coupled with eating foods that can lower cholesterol.

A total of 350 men and women participated in the study. All participants are groups of people who need cholesterol-lowering drugs. Some participants were low-fat diet and eating some foods, including apples, grapes, strawberries, grains, nuts, olive or canola oil, and soy products. While most other participants were simply following a diet low in fat. Six months later, the researchers observed the results.

The results showed that participants with a cholesterol lowering diet plus low-fat eating some foods that can lower cholesterol, for 6 months has decreased 13-14 percent in LDL cholesterol levels in the body. While the participants who only follow a low-fat diet, after 6 months of cholesterol levels decreased only 3 percent.

The researchers said other benefits of following a diet low in fat and cholesterol-lowering foods is that the participants also experienced a decrease in blood pressure. This research has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.