Millions of Twins Only One It's a Different father

Blessed with twins are not unusual although not everyone is fortunate to experience it. But that is really different and only occurs in 1 in 1 billion births of twins, since both come from different fathers.

Charlotte Hilbrandt, 36-year-old woman Aalbaek, Denmark lucky enough now blessed with twins who was at the age of 6 years. Both the Marcus and Lucas were both born on August 23, 2005 and to within just 48 minutes.

Although born almost simultaneously, the two boys are not identical twins have different aliases of real physical and mental. Marcus, who was born first at 01:35 was short and plump and red-haired but energetic, while Lucas, who was born at 2:23 taller, blond and tend to calm.

No wonder if the nature of the twins is like the earth and sky, because the DNA test results (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) reveals an astonishing fact. Marcus and Lucas is the twin brother of one mother, but certainly 100 percent both come from two different fathers!

Before carrying twins, Charlotte status as the wife of Michael and has two children namely Philips (12 years) and Victor (8 years). But in August 2004, the couple is divorced because they feel there is a mismatch that is no longer sustainable.

Not wanting to be too long a widow, Charlotte soon meet her new boyfriend named Tommy at a bar in Aalbaek. Long story short, these two lovebirds hit it until one day they could not resist the urge to have sex.

Not unexpectedly, the former Charlotte's husband, Michael is still hoping to reconcile and at one point managed to mollify his ex-wife. Perhaps because of drift the romance of the past, the couple engaged in intercourse only 48 hours interval since Charlotte did the same with Tommy.

The scandal was finally revealed as well that Michael and Tommy are both demanding clarity of the status of who the biological father of the twins are. Although curious, Charlotte and the two men have not done DNA tests to Marcus and Lucas 1 year old.

Truth finally revealed, and strangely, none of those disappointed by the results of DNA tests. Charlotte and both men are equally entitled to be real parents, because Marcus has a DNA match with Michael while Tommy Lucas inherited DNA.

The case of twins of two different fathers as experienced Charlotte is fairly rare. Quoted from, Sunday (28/08/2011), this event only occurs in 1 out of 1 billion cases of multiple births.