Filling Vacation Watch Movies with Cute Make Healthy Heart

During the holidays, as now, TV and cinema certainly a lot to offer quality films. All the films deserve to be a spectacle, but the comedy is more healthful because it gives effect to maintain cardiac fitness.

According to recent research at the University of Marryland, comedies provoke the audience to relax and laugh out loud. The effect on blood vessel relaxation or dilation is triggered so that the pressure is down and the work of the heart become lighter.

Opposite effect will occur when watching horror movies and war movies. Suspenseful films like this makes your blood vessels so that vasoconstriction, or narrowing of blood pressure increases and can lead to heart attack risk.

"In conclusion, laughing good for the heart. The effect that we observed in the blood vessel wall is quite consistent and can be compared with the effects of aerobic as well as statin drugs," said Dr. Michael Miller, who led the study as quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (30/8/2011

In this study, Dr. Miller involves a number of volunteers who were divided into 2 groups. The first group was asked to watch a comedy film titled There's Something About Mary and the other group played a war movie Saving Private Ryan.

Observations on the pressure and condition of blood vessels formed shows that emotions while watching the film affects the blood circulation. The difference between blood pressure and tense when laughing or fear was mentioned quite significant, ie, between 30-50 percent.

This finding confirms the results of previous studies, which concluded that a depressed mental state can trigger constriction of blood vessels.
Tense and too serious when watching a horror movie or war movie includes a mental condition which was considered stressful.