Stomach contents Can Determine Mind and Mood

Expression that can determine the logistics chitterlings seems logical thinking is not just a joke when hunger began to disturb the concentration. Research shows, everything in the belly really affect the brain works.

Researchers from McMaster University in Canada to prove, especially various types of foods that contain probiotics can alter the natural balance of microbes in the stomach. Changes in microbial colonies affects the production of hormones and enzymes, thus affecting the brain.

His influence on the brain are not limited to the ability to think, but sometimes also determine the behavior and mood. This conjecture is quite baseless, because for many of these scientists are linking bacterial infection of the stomach with the behavior change becomes more nervous and easily stressed.

Various types of infections that lead to behavioral disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or syndrome sensitive stomachs, which in some studies a lot associated with an increased risk of autism. So not only are genetic influence, according to the study of autism can also be triggered by bacterial infection.

To verify the relationship between the contents of the stomach with the behavior, scientists at McMaster University injected probiotics to disrupt the balance of microbes in the stomach of rats. Once injected, the rats became agitated, but less aware of threats such as when there is a cat.

After investigation, a change in behavior occurs because the mouse brain to stop producing the compound Brain Derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This compound is a type of protein in the brain that regulate mood functions including anxiety.

"Very sensible. Bacterium plays an important role in digestion and digestion greatly determine the production of various compounds in the brain," said one researcher, Prof. Gregor Reid, as quoted from Huffingtonpost, Sunday (28/08/2011).

This study does not explain in more detail the types of foods are often consumed and its influence on behavior, but only give some examples. For example, carbohydrates can trigger the production of the hormone serotonin or pleasure, and chocolate can stimulate endorphin hormones which give a feeling of relaxation.