Penis accident craziest Ever

The phrase careful with your gender may be appropriate to remind people of the dangers that can arise from accidents in the groin. In addition to broken or penis erection that is too long, a few accidents around the penis penis recorded as the most insane accidents.

Huffingtonpost As reported on Friday (09/09/2011) accidents of the most insane penis ever recorded, among others:

1. Instead of sawing foot closet, a carpenter named Stuart Keen (54 years) without accidentally sawed off his own penis while making some of the furniture in the place of his mother. Stuart Keen and released his penis was immediately rushed to a hospital in Wantage, England, and luckily there is a physician who is skilled and able to paste it back.

"Stuart was a carpenter and used to use a sharp instrument, and sometimes dangerous. This incident is very unfortunate accident but this is often experienced by people in this profession," said her mother defending her child.

2. German footballer of Chavdar Yankow nearly lost his manhood when an opponent tackles produce six stitches on his penis on the game in 2005. Yankow that when it was 21 years old can be recovered quickly with a three-inch seam, thanks to the doctors who handle it. And he really played well and scored a nice game to win.

3. A lot of embarrassing things that can happen to teens when she was 14 years, but Indian children is truly remarkable. He said that when he cleaned the aquarium, he felt the urge to urinate. Rather than put her little fish, he brought the fish down the toilet with him. Never would have thought when the fish jumps to pee into the tip of his penis and would not let go. Doctors in the ER can release the slippery fish with pliers and should mengaitnya and pull it out.

4. In 2007, a 30-year-old man from Australia was not concentrating on his work. Penis man who worked in sawmills were trapped in the machine saws. Despite losing a lot of blood, luckily he survived.

5. A boss making out with his secretary in the company parking lot. When the secretary is doing oral sex, a delivery truck accidentally crashed into his vehicle. Instantly catapulted biting his secretary and brought with her boss penis.

6. A street gang attack victims admitted to the ER India with the deteriorating conditions of abdominal pain three days later. He refused to seek medical treatment because he is an illegal worker in India. Doctors do not know what the problem is to perform X-rays on his penis. Apparently, there is a nail in his penis. Apparently the thugs pushed along the two-inch nail up his urethra. Fortunately, these spikes can be taken and his penis is fine.

7. There is another side of penile surgery. In 2006, a Chinese man penis does not work due to accidents. Fortunately, he fared well by becoming the first penis transplant recipients. The 44-year-old man who had been married received a new penis of a middle-aged man. Although transplantasinya successful surgeon who says he wants to handle his new penis was re-appointed. The reason is because of the wife's psychological rejection of the form of a bigger penis transplant.

8. A 34-year-old man in New York injected a solution of cocaine into the urethra. He later suffered blood clots that cause gangrene and had nine fingers, legs, and his penis amputated.

9. A man in Arizona went to the grocery store and then accidentally shot his own cock. This man did not know how to use the pistol, which turns pink pistol belonged to his girlfriend.