Have A Healthy Body Basics This Feature

Healthy or not someone can not be seen from the body size of either lean or obese. There are basic features of a person who has a healthy body. What are the signs?

Body size is generally determined by how many calories in and out, so there could be a sign of whether someone is healthy or not. While a healthy body is determined by an appropriate diet, physical activity and a sharp mind.

Here are the signs if a person has a healthy-bodied, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Saturday (10/9/201), namely:

1. Vital signs showed a normal rate
When blood pressure, pulse and body temperature measured will show normal numbers. A healthy body usually has a blood pressure around 120/80 mmHg, respiratory around 12-18 breaths per minute, pulse rate between 60-80 per minute and temperature between 36-37 degrees celsius.

2. Have enough energy to perform daily tasks
A healthy body will help a person maintain his energy level. When a person is getting proper nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise regularly then the body will have enough energy to perform all daily tasks.

While the usual problems that arise such as fatigue is usually caused by the condition of the body that lack of sleep, while the energy level changes that occur suddenly should consult with your doctor to find out the cause.

3. The condition of skin, hair and nails
Some of the health mark can sometimes be seen from the skin, hair and nails. This is because each part of the body requires nutrients such as protein levels and high iron in order to work optimally.

If nutritional intake is less then the skin will look dull and dirty, the nails become brittle or brittle and susceptible to damage or hair loss. If the condition is try to pay attention to diet lived.

4. Having a keen mind
A healthy body will make the mind sharp. When the body's intake and lifestyle to get the right then the brain will work better because both are highly correlated.

Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help maintain healthy brain tissue, whereas physical activity dna exercise help slow mental decline due to increased blood flow to the brain.