'Fly' Can Risk of Cancer?

Travel by planes known as fast and on time was the risk of cancer. Really?

Scientists who are members of the research has warned that the particles that bombard Earth's extraterrestrial rays could threaten the health of airline passengers.

As reported by Dailymail, Mike Lockwood, professor of space physics mention the environment, dramatic changes in solar activity can increase the risk of damage to cancer cells in those who often make long journeys by plane across Poland.

Professor from the University of Reading, said that people who regularly take long-haul flights could have a certain risk from solar radiation.

In the future, those who fly to Canada or the west coast of the United States at least 2-3 times a year should consider undergoing screening to check whether there is damage to the body of potentially cancerous, he said.

The warning is based on the changes in solar magnetic activity. Signs of change is that the Earth has been out of long periods of high activity when the sun covered with darkness and finally issued a large-sized gas planets.

In between that time and the quieter moments that will come up called 'danger zone'. Because, at that time, will present the more harmful rays are created by the explosion of stars and the particles are made by a cloud of hazardous gas spewed by the sun. Particles will be hurtling toward earth.

At very high doses, they can cause cancerous changes in cells of the body. Indeed, the Earth's magnetic field would protect most of us from danger, but for those flying at high altitude could be exposed to danger, Lockwood said.