Facial Care Face Under Skin Type

So far most people do not see facial face skin type, but to get maximum results must really know your skin type, this is what we all know to avoid skin irritation.

According to medical science I have ever read, facial can also tighten your skin, so try to do facial serutin possible origin do not overdo it, below is the treatment of facial skin according to your face:

- Dry skin needs moisture and hydration. Always use a mask that contains sufficient nutrients to prevent skin becoming too dry and cause damage.
- Most Facial designed for dry skin should only be allowed to stand at least 10 minutes so that the pore can mengabsorpnya gradually. After that, clean as usual. Avoid that can cause irritation and make skin feel like interested. Always pay attention to ingredients.
- Enjoy the benefits of moisturizing mask that makes the skin smooth and clean. Find that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, but if you can also create your own concoction of ingredients in the kitchen. Advocates For example, orange juice orange, and chamomile.

- People with oily skin are likely to experience some skin problems like acne or clogged pores. First of all, oily skin needs a mask designed for cleaning and exfoliation. Hazardous and oily toxin more susceptible to damage.
- Masks clay proved the perfect solution to this problem. Use in skin care to clean and open clogged pores, eliminate oil and prevents blackheads and whiteheads. This mask will not dry the skin, just balance the natural moisture production.
- It is recommended to use this mask 1-2 times a month. Apply on face. Let stand 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. To mask his own concoction, try using egg whites, lemon juice, honey and strawberries.

- Skin type is probably the most problematic. People who have skin like this may have to undergo an exhaustive process to find a suitable type of mask.
- What also must be considered is, use a different facials for different parts of the face. Clay masks seem efficacious. Because of its quality, you can use it on the skin dry and oily. Do not stick with one mask only if it does not give the desired results. Combination skin needs cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. If you want to create your own mask, use honey, rose water and yogurt.

- Normal skin has the least trouble with the mask. Normal skin can mencona variety of masks on the market. Advice from the experts: Choose a mask that enhances brightness and tighten. This mask will add sheen and elasticity in your skin. Select the formula cream, gel, or peel off.