Why are these Causes of Eating to Avoid Late Night

Some people there who have a habit of eating or snacking late at night. This habit should not be done anymore, because there are several reasons that make eating late at night should be avoided.

The results showed a tendency often eat late at night because it is triggered by stress during the day or sleep disorder insomnia, so someone divert to food.

Even the activities of eating late at night just to make the body gain weight no matter should not be done. Have a habit of eating late at night is not recommended, especially if done almost every day.

In people who do have a habit of this in medical terms is called a syndrome dinner (late night eating syndrome). People with this syndrome will eat heavy meals after passing through the dinner hour is ideal.

Eating late at night can give a bad consequences for health. The following are reasons that make eating late at night should be avoided, as quoted from Buzzle, Saturday (08/27/2011), namely:

1. Affect sleepScientific 
studies found that eating foods high in calories, high in caffeine and spices can make a person difficult to sleep. This is because the body has difficulty in digesting food high in calories and indirectly make a person difficult to sleep soundly.

In addition these foods can also cause anxiety, irritability and pain in the abdomen, this condition will certainly disrupt sleep patterns or waking up at night.

2. Cause weight gain
 Eating late at night is very easy to make a person's weight, because people generally do not do much activity at night so that the food intake will be stored in the body into fat.

3. Prone to other health consequencesThese conditions trigger esophageal reflux (food turned up to the top) because of the food consumed is not fully reached the stomach but it was straight to bed, triggering the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which caused a mild sensation of burning pain in the chest and heart area. Whereas in people with diabetes, it is late at night can affect the ability of insulin resistance.