More and More Frequent Sex Younger

Hear the term elderly, who imagined the figure of a weak old and have a lot of rest so as not sickly. Yet according to the study, healthy elderly are even more active and fulfilled, especially in sexual life.

This trend applies to all sex, but according to research experts at the University of California, in elderly women are more prominent. The more satisfied with sex life in old age, the elderly are becoming more immune to the effects of aging.

Immune to the effects of aging is characterized by low number of elderly that contracted the degenerative diseases due to decreased organ function. For example rheumatism, heart disease, high blood pressure, gout, diabetes and high cholesterol.

While the elderly are already ill, the quality of life as measured on the basis of sexual satisfaction seem lower. Ill make the elderly hard to enjoy sex life, and vice versa when it is not satisfied sexually then the condition of his health declined.

"Level of sexual activity varies depending on ability and age of the elderly are concerned, however, the relationship between sexual satisfaction and quality of life observed very positive," said Prof. Wesley Thompson, who led the study as quoted by the Telegraph, Sunday (08/28/2011).

Together with his team, Prof. Thompson proves it by making observations of 1235 elderly women aged between 60-89 years. Of these, 70 percent of age 60-69, 57 percent of age 70-79 years and 31 percent of age 80-89 years are still sexually active in the last 6 months.

At the beginning of observations, Prof. Thompson and his colleagues think the elderly above the age of 60 years was not too concerned about sexual satisfaction and so will not be observed with general health conditions. But apparently, the lasia get older and more satisfied just getting healthy.