Who does not know black tea, which is no stranger encountered in Indonesian society, for the drinks that we consume daily. Indonesia is known as the fifth largest producer of black tea in the world.

World tea production is actually dominated by black tea, as much as 78 percent, 20 percent of the production of green tea, oolong tea while only two percent.

For the processing of unfermented green tea, whereas black tea undergo full fermentation. Green tea is good for health because it contains catechins, black tea is actually more complete because the addition of antioxidants in catechins, theaflavins also contains.

Katekinnya although not as much green tea, black tea manufacturing process makes the antioxidant catechins transformed into theaflavins. Theaflavins of black tea is what makes the reddish color and fresh taste when drunk.

The content of black tea theaflavins that makes superior. Theaflavins have free radical capture rate is higher than Epigallo Gallate Catechin found in green tea. In addition, theaflavins increases the body's natural antioxidant. Theaflavins have a stronger antioxidant activity than vitamins E and C.

Consumption of two cups of black tea is very good to protect heart health. Because the two cups a day can help reduce the buildup of cholesterol by 40 percent. Effect of cholesterol reduction could reach 70 percent if we consume eight mugs of black tea a day.

Black tea contributed to avoid the buildup of cholesterol from the blood vessels due to the antioxidant content in it that inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol. When LDL is oxidized, blockage of blood vessels prone to occur.

Now people drink water because they think water is healthier. If you drink water, you can only water. If I drink black tea, you can water, catechins, and theaflavins.

Tea should be drunk as much as people consume water. People can drink water as much as eight glasses a day or the equivalent of two liters. Tea may also be drunk that much.

Still, there are certain limitations in the tea. Pregnant women are advised not to drink lots of strong tea because tea binding properties of certain nutrients. Known to bind iron tea, leaving it vulnerable menyebabbkan pregnant women affected by anemia.

Drinking tea is part of a healthy lifestyle. "Like the Japanese people who live a healthy holistic. They drink tea every day.

The addition of sugar in tea beverages menuru, will not damage the nutritional content. "A teaspoon of sugar equivalent to 60 calories. Sometimes we can not simply just a scoop, instead there is add three tablespoons at a time. This is not a problem for people who are slim, but for people who are overweight, would be a serious problem.

The nutritional quality of tea, apart from quality and price of the tea leaf itself, is also more influenced by the way of brewing. Enter the tea into hot water and then stirred to accelerate perserapan catechins.

Best of brewed tea is consumed and drink immediately. Should also drink bottled tea, but be aware of the storage process. We recommend that tea is not exposed to sunlight.