Choosing the Sweet Fruits

By: Amelia Ayu Kinanthi

Sometimes we do not know what kind of fruit is ripe and sweet when shopping. The following instructions will help you.

All you need to know are the characteristics of maturity in each fruit. This characteristic, as quoted from Six Wise.

Maturity orange, not only can be seen from mere skin color. Sometimes there are also orange whose skin is still green, but the level of maturity is sufficient. Moreover, not infrequently there are some unscrupulous traders who deliberately give coloring on the fruit they sell to make it look ripe. Better to look at smoothness level of orange peel. The more subtle orange peel and heavier weight, the more ripe orange.

No need to cut a watermelon whole to determine the level of maturity. Similar to orange, the more weight and smooth skin, the more ripe watermelon. Another feature that can be viewed is a yellowish color on the tip of watermelon fruit. The wider the color of it, the more mature fruit.

looking for a ripe strawberries tend to be easier. You just need to see the color red. The older the color, the more ripe the strawberries. Do not choose strawberries that have a greenish or yellowish color, because it's definitely still sour. Do not also choose strawberries that are too large, because usually the water content of strawberries is more so that it feels fresh.

In addition to the color yellow, which indicates the ripeness of pineapple is a menyerbak fragrant smell of the fruit. so choose when buying the fragrant pineapple.

Mango maturity not always seen from the color of his skin. sometimes there are mangoes that are ripe but still dark green skin. The characteristics of a ripe mango is a softer flesh. Try hitting the skin of mangoes when purchased, to choose a ripe mango. Typically, a mature Magga also issued its fragrant

Come on aggregated-select your favorite fruit!