After Era Polio, Now Paralysis Caused by GBS

Polio is a scourge of the disease because it can cause paralysis, difficulty breathing and even death. But after the polio era is over, now a rare disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is the most common cause of paralysis.

"GBS causes a major after a period of polio paralysis (paralysis withered)," explained Dr. Manfalutfy Judge, Sp.S (K), of Division of Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuromuscular Disease, Department of Neurology Faculty of Medicine, RSCM, in the event Press Conference 'To take care of Disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Myasthenia Gravis (MG), at the Hotel Mulia Jakarta, Friday (4/13/2012).

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is an immunological disorder that causes abnormalities of the peripheral nerves, causing paralysis of the extremities is ascending and symmetrical.

GBS disease is a rare autoimmune disease, meaning the body's antibodies are supposed to protect the body against foreign substances like viruses, it attacks the body's own cells.

Biggest risk of GBS can be life threatening because it causes paralysis of respiratory muscles, so patients must use a ventilator, pulmonary infections and sepsis caused by long immobilization.

"The symptoms are similar to polio, the tingling in the tips of your toes or hands. But if polio occurred in one side of the body, right or left alone. But if GBS occurred symmetrically, on both sides, right and left," explained Dr Manfalutfy .

Having tingling in both ends of the arm or leg, continued Dr. Manfalutfy, the attack will go up until the end in 1 or 2 week intervals may cause difficulty walking and paralysis.

"The sooner the distance between numbness and paralysis, the more severe the disability caused. Means that the damaged nerve is heavier and stronger antibody," said Dr. Manfalutfy.

Usually before the tingling on both sides of the body occurs, patients will experience diarrhea or an infection such as strep throat.

"So be aware if you experience tingling in the feet or hands, and remembered a few weeks earlier had diarrhea, immediately consult a doctor should not be delayed. As more quickly addressed, the chances of disability caused by GBS will be smaller," concludes Dr. . Manfalutfy.