Sign each room, a man Contribute 37 Million Bacteria

The main source of bacterial contamination in indoor air generally comes from the man himself. According to recent research, there is one every person who enters a room number of bacteria in the air will increase by 37 million bacteria / h.

"We live in a soup of microbes, and microbial content are the greatest of our own bodies." jordan says Prof. Peccia, environmental engineering scientist from Yale University in its publication in the journal Indoor Air as quoted by ScienceDaily, Thursday (29/03/2012).

In his research, Prof. Peccia researching one classroom on campus for 8 days. During the first 4 days the room used for lectures by students, while the next 4 days left empty by the condition of doors and windows are both closed.

The observation results show that when a classroom is used, the number of bacteria that pollute the air in it to rise sharply. The number of students who attended also affect, for each hour the number of bacteria increased 30 million bacteria each have an additional 1 person in the room.

According to research conducted by Prof. Peccia, most of the bacteria from the human body is also derived from the environment. Most come from the dust on the floor, which stuck to the skin or inhaled and then spread again by humans.

However, 4 of 15 types of bacteria are often found in the tendency is closely related to humans, so it may come from other sources. One is Propionibacterineae, a type of bacteria that live only on the surface of human skin.

In addition, the study revealed that bacterial contamination in preference carpet floors tend to be higher than the hard-floored room. But not to worry, of many bacteria is estimated that only 0.1 percent that could trigger the disease in humans.